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HAVEN: The TikTok Artist You NEED To Listen To

Let’s just admit that we’re all TikTok adicts and move on. Okay, good, great, now let’s acknowledge how many people have gained fame solely through TikTok alone, some of these people just for being good looking and not having any talent whatsoever, but, embarrassingly enough, we love it anyways.

TikTok has even been a platform for aspiring musicians to to interact with fans. They create a platform for themselves and find an engaged audience, all while hoping to go viral in the proccess.

With a few viral videos under her belt, HAVEN is the up and coming artist that you need to listen to.

Her most recent song, ‘Friends Don’t F***’, was released in December after teasing it on TikTok for a few months prior. This quickly became one of her most popular songs, surpassing two millions streams on Spotify.

She has been touring and making music for a while, but her earliest singles were released in late 2019. Personally, the first songs I heard from her were ‘RNand ‘Why You Gotta Be Like that,’ a few months ago, from TikTok of course. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Her style is very pop and upbeat for the most part and her personality really shines through in all of her music. A lot of her songs also depict relationship problems that we can all relate to.

From gaining fame on TikTok, you can also see the process that goes into her music and see who she is as a person.

She is dropping her new single, ‘Allergic’, on Friday the 4th. Check out her other music and presave ‘Allergic’ now. Trust me, you’ll be grateful you did.

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Kaytlyn is a junior at MSU majoring in Marketing and minoring in Creative Writing. She has been a published journalist and writer for over 5 years. Kaytlyn is currently the Chapter President and Campus Correspondent for HCMSU as well as being involved in the Campus Trendsetters program and Internship Credit program. You can reach her by email through khmg2001@gmail.com or gannonk3@msu.edu.
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