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An organ revels in new excitement. Its vibrations strum like an electric guitar. A guitar for the opening number of a show you thought to be sold out.


An air conditioner with a secret nickname. Keeping us cool as we warmed our organs with breezy conversation.


A commemorative plaque with a pop song etched into the plastic. The words etched and threaded into our organs. Lyrics tying us together beat by beat.


A positive test result shattering snowy afterparties. Christmas lights dim. One organ holds hope for the other. Tears fall onto unopened gifts.


A ring is bestowed to each of two fingers on each of two hands. The organs’ thread joins them permanently now. Promises are made to remembered song lyrics.


An organ revels in new excitement. Its vibrations strum like an acoustic guitar. A guitar with safe and exciting continuous encores. A performance fit for two organs who found each other’s safety.

Taylor is a Michigan native who loves all things pop culture, queer, and sociopolitical. Her favorite season is Gilmore Girl's autumn, and she is a tireless advocate of curling up to read with a cup of hot chocolate. Taylor will defend campy sapphic media any day over anything written by Nicholas Sparks or Hallmark. As a social psychology major, to her the culture of a society is personal.
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