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At some point, you’ve probably come across a Genius Verified video. The videos where artists are invited to narrate the lyrics to their songs. Within the past five years some of the most popular artists have been featured such as Billie Eilish, Pop Smoke, YNW Melly, and Doja Cat.

You might have viewed a Genius webpage to read the lyrics to your favorite song. If you’re anything like me, you probably use Genius to find the meaning to these lyrics. But have you ever wondered how these lyrics were defined?

Genius is “the ultimate source of music knowledge.” It is a website that allows users around the world to share information on the music and artists they love. By signing up for a Genius account, you can follow other Genius scholars and artists, add knowledge, and earn Genius IQ. IQ are the points you gain by adding knowledge such as lyric and cover art annotations and artist, song, and album biographies. You can also transcribe lyrics to freshly released songs or add metadata such as the producer and samples the song uses.

Every scholar has a total IQ number that is displayed next to their username. This number represents how knowledgeable they are.

Joining the Genius community is a perfect outlet for those who are obsessed with music and writing. You’d be warmly welcomed by the Genius Editorial Board, who is there to educate budding and seasoned contributors. “How Genius Works”, produced by Genius, features more than 10 style and editing guides to become a successful scholar such as annotating songs in more than one language, for those who are multilingual.

Since 2009, Genius has been an online space dedicated to celebrating the music, lyrics, and stories behind the songs of popular culture. Today, the platform invites everyone to share their music knowledge. So, to the artists and fans who are looking for a place to discuss all things music, look no further. As the world’s biggest digital music encyclopedia, with over two million contributors, Genius is the destination to write about your favorites.

Osa is a researcher and writer from Detroit, MI. She bases her work at the intersections of media, information, technology, and philosophy. As the worldliest experiences become magnified by new technology, she takes interest in the way ideas are exchanged, the inventions behind it, and their influence on society. Bearing witness to the digitalization of communication— the rise of the Internet, smartphones, and social media— she knew life would never be the same as before. This is what inspires her. Her mission is to serve in researching secure, innovative, and accessible information solutions. Music, languages, and nature are amongst her personal interests. When she isn’t drafting her latest report, she is making the best of her time. She is dedicated to living an informed life by reading books, conversing with people, and exploring new areas of the world.