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It is almost summer, which means it’s almost time for hot weather and spending time outside. The start of spring has arrived early this year, and it feels amazing. I remember during quarantine last year how tired I would get from sitting inside all day, but as it got warmer, I would be more excited to have a chance to step outside. Since it is getting warmer, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about a few fun activities you can do to help keep yourself active if you are stressed right now. 

To get started, I recommend taking a walk. Just go outside and get a breath of fresh air for a bit. You never know that you need it till you go, and it feels amazing. Walking has so many benefits to your life even if it is for a little bit. Taking a short walk each day will give you a boost of energy, as well as keep your body moving. I take walks almost everyday whenever the weather is nice. Being able to go outside and take a walk brightens my mood, especially considering I am stuck in the house all day. Also, walking can help alleviate any stress you may be feeling for a bit. I love walking to refresh myself.

Something else I recommend doing is working where there is sunlight. During this time, a lot of us may be working in darker areas just because our windows are not open, and we never pay attention to do so. Open up the blinds, and allow the sunlight to flow through your surroundings! Having more sunlight can bring in more energy and motivate you to work more, as well. Sometimes when I work in the dark, I get lazy and tired, but when the sun is out, it allows me to be more productive and focused on the work I am doing.

Overall, as the summer days approach, more sunshine is coming and I recommend to take in all the sunshine you can. Getting that boost of sunlight really makes a difference in your life whether you notice it or not and can help promote lifelong sunshines of happiness!

Hi I am Ipsa and I am a freshman at Michigan State University. I love traveling and being creative. Art is one of my passions! I also recently got into bullet journaling this year and hopefully will try to keep up with it.
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