Stop Asking Women Why They Don’t Want Children

Stop telling women that they’ll change their mind about having children, no matter how old they are. I’m now twenty-one years old and I still do not want children, I’m not going to change my mind and, even if I do, it won’t be because of these comments.

It puts unnecessary pressure on young women.

A child or teenager doesn’t need to be told she’ll change her mind about having children. If she wants to have kids in the future, she will regardless. It can create an unnecessary tension between family members that can be totally avoided by not mentioning whether or not a young girl should get pregnant in the future.

The world is overpopulated anyways.

The world is so overpopulated that it would actually benefit society if not all women wanted to have children.

There are so many children that do not have a home.

Maybe she wants to adopt. Adopting is a great alternative that can give children a loving home that they wouldn’t have had and women that don’t want to be pregnant can have the opportunity to be a mother.

Children are expensive and time consuming.

Maybe she just doesn’t want children ever because she doesn’t want to spend the time or money on them. This is totally reasonable and nothing to be ashamed about.

It’s literally none of your business.

Whatever anyone decides to do with their life, it isn’t any of your business and you don’t have the right to give unsolicited advice on what people plan on doing with it.

Honestly, I don’t want children because the thought of being pregnant makes me sick to my stomach; don’t get me wrong, women have amazing, powerful bodies (like my mom) but I know that being pregnant is not for me. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with women not wanting children, no matter the reason; so please stop asking us.