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St. Patrick’s Day Treats That (Sham)Rock! 

St. Patrick’s Day is known for its shenanigans and festivities, but my favorite part is the treats! Here are a few of my favorite treats this time of the year.

Lucky Charms Rice Krispies 

This magically delicious treat is easy to make, only takes a few ingredients, and guarantees that everyone will go back for seconds. Melt one stick of butter and a bag of mini marshmallows in a pot with a few dashes of salt. Once melted, remove the pot from the heat and mix in Lucky Charms cereal. Put the mixture into a pan and let it cool. Look how lucky you are to have this delicious treat for the 17th! 

Shamrock Peppermint Shake

One of the highlights of March is the appearance of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. You could go to McDonald’s to grab a green shake, but when you’re craving the delicious drink, they always seem to be out. There are a few good copycat recipes, including this one by Dinner at the Zoo.

Shamrock Pretzels

All you need for this are chocolate, pretzel twists and pretzel sticks! Melt the chocolate, coat the pretzels, and form the shamrock shape. While I prefer chocolate either colored green or with green sprinkles, you can also use green candy melts. 

Green Velvet Cupcakes

A festive twist on a classic cupcake is the Green Velvet Cupcake. You can dress up the cupcakes even more with gold coins, shamrock sprinkles, cake toppers, or frosting. Get creative with these cupcakes and you may just have a dessert to impress all your friends! 

Pot O’ Gold Cups

These brownie bites are worthy of being at the end of a rainbow. Top brownie bites off with frosting, an Airhead Xtreme strip rainbow, a Rolos pot, and gold sprinkles for the perfect way to spruce up a regular treat for the holiday. 

Irish Potato Candy

While they may look like little potatoes, they’re actually a sweet and creamy candy. They’re a little more labor intensive than the other recipes but well worth it! This no-bake recipe can be fun to make.

These are only a few St. Patrick’s Day treats that (sham)rock! Enjoy these treats while taking part in all your St Patrick’s Day mischief.  

Leah Lindemeyer is a junior at Michigan State University majoring in Communications and minoring in media photography and public relations.