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Spooky Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist

While the “Monster Mash” and the “Ghostbusters” theme will always have their well deserved place at the top of every sensible Halloween playlist, in order to have a costume party or a pumpkin carving night, you need as many spooky songs as you can find to keep the spirit all night long!

Here are seven new additions to your Halloween playlist to round out your spooky season, whether they’re considered spooky by the actual content or just by the vibe. 

1. “Sisters of the Moon”– Fleetwood Mac

No one is better at witch-y vibes than Stevie Nicks. This song, written and sung by her, revolves around some mysterious woman that is sometimes called a “sister of the moon.” The song and it’s character are shrouded in mystery, Nicks said she doesn’t even know what the song is about, as quoted in Rolling Stone.

2. “White Rabbit”– Jefferson Airplane

This one falls under the category of just having spooky vibes, though an Alice in Wonderland themed psychedelic trip can still be pretty spooky.

3. Biting Down– Lorde

This one also falls into the category of spooky vibes, even if it’s not super about Halloween, but rather about “small moments of intensity”, as said by the artist.

4. “Psycho Killer”– Talking Heads

Though already a famous song in itself, a song told from the point of view of a serial killer should always be included on a spooky playlist. Bass, French lyrics and a killer’s warnings create a great Halloween addition.

5. “Dark Lady”– Cher

This song tells a story, fitting for spooky season. The narrator meets a fortune teller, and then she scares her by telling her man has a dark secret. Murder, love, the supernatural, all in one song for a Halloween playlist. 

6. “Love Crime”– Brian Reitzell and Siouxie Sioux

This one goes out to all of the fans of Hannibal, the rom-com crime drama on NBC from 2013-15. Featured on the series finale, this song fits in to the spooky vibes and the spooky content, perfect for a Halloween playlist or a couple of cannibals and murderers fighting it out in tension filled climax.

7. “I’d Rather Be Burned as a Witch”– Eartha Kitt

There are never too many songs about witches on a spooky playlist! Released in 1959, this song is filled with witch-y imagery and sensuality. Add some vintage to your playlist!

Madison Reinhold is a sophomore majoring in journalism at MSU. When she isn't studying, she spends her time pursuing her own creative writing, keeping up on current events, and falling down endless Wikipedia rabbit holes.
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