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Six Skincare Hacks That Will Leave You Glowing

I’ve always admired people with hydrated, glowing skin, and over time, I’ve learned that with the right products and a little effort, anyone can achieve a healthy complexion— whatever that might look like for them. Even though it may seem impossible, healthy skin is attainable— you just have to know how to take care of it. Here are my best hacks to show your skin the love it deserves:

Good skin starts from the inside out.

Your diet plays a bigger role in the appearance of your skin than you may think. If what you’re eating is leaving you feeling sluggish and exhausted, chances are your skin is also reflecting that. There isn’t a specific diet you have to follow or anything you have to cut out— just eat what makes you feel good! In addition, incorporating healthy fats like avocado, salmon, and nuts into your diet can help to target inflammation and keep your skin moisturized.


Also, remember to stay hydrated! Among a ton of other benefits, drinking water can help to clear up and hydrate your skin. The recommended daily amount is at least half of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces.

Ice your face!

Ever since I was introduced to this hack, I have never gone back. I ice my face twice a day— once in the morning and once at night right after I’ve washed my face. I take an ice cube and rub it on my face, making sure not to leave it in any one particular spot for more than 5-10 seconds. Then, I wrap it in a paper towel and hold it over my eyes for a few seconds to reduce any puffiness. I have to admit that I was definitely skeptical at first, but I have seen such a huge difference in the texture and appearance of my skin just from doing this! To make it even better, any products that you apply right after icing will absorb into your skin better and allow you to maximize the benefits of those products.

Apply your moisturizer to damp skin.

Applying moisturizer while your skin is still wet locks in the moisture from the water and will make your skin feel so much softer! You can do this right after you wash your face, or if you ice your face, you can do it right after you ice. Make sure your skin isn’t soaking wet but is still damp when you do this.

Find the formulation of SPF that works for you.

SPF is a must when it comes to good skin—  you can use all of the products in the world and they’ll be useless if you don’t use SPF to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. That being said, there are a lot of reasons people might not wear SPF— it’s an extra product, it leaves a white cast, it leaves skin feeling greasy, and many other concerns. Luckily, there is a formulation of SPF out there for all of these concerns!


If you would prefer to keep your routine to a minimum, you can try lotions or makeup with SPF in them. In addition, some sunscreens are tacky enough to act as a makeup primer. If you go this route, just make sure that you are applying enough product to ensure protection and that the products you are using have an SPF or 30 or above.


If you are worried about it leaving a white cast, there are many formulations designed to avoid this— specifically chemical, but there are some physical sunscreens that can do this as well. There are also formulas which are tinted to ensure a more natural finish.


If you don’t want to look greasy, you don’t have to! Depending on the formulation of the product that you pick, you could have a matte or dewy look to your skin— it’s your preference!


Whatever formulation you choose, make sure that you are reapplying at least every 90 minutes to two hours. To make this easier, you can carry a mini spray on sunscreen or a setting powder with SPF if you are wearing makeup. Remember to always apply enough to ensure that you are protected! 

Sleep on silk.

Silk pillowcases are often used for healthier hair, but did you know that they can help you with better skin, too? Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your skin and hair, so over time, it can lead to dryness and itchiness. By sleeping on silk, you’re allowing your skin to lock in the moisture from the products that you used.


If you have any particular concerns, see a dermatologist.

While it may be tempting to try to do it yourself, there are some skin concerns that are best handled by a professional. That being said, whatever the issue, even if it’s something small, a dermatologist is a great resource to figure out the cause of any skin issues and provide the best course of treatment. The solution may be as simple as an over-the-counter product or it may be a more extensive treatment.

As you start taking care of your skin, remember that healthy skin is different from perfect skin— healthy skin isn’t necessarily perfect, and it looks different for everyone. Unlike what influencers or beauty gurus may lead you to believe, your skin doesn’t have to be flawless to be healthy. I hope that you find these hacks helpful on your journey to healthier skin!

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