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woman smiling in front of fence and trees
Kayla Williams

Self Care’s Importance While Studying From Home

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Name: Katlynn Singleton

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Detroit

Question 1: How important do you think engaging in self care is to your mental and physical health?

As a result of the current Covid-19 situation, a lot of college students are stuck at home and/or doing online classes. The lack of regular college life but still having to keep up with the same difficult classes can cause a big strain, one that Katlynn Singleton is familiar with. 

Singleton is a hardworking sophomore at the highly ranked university, Lawrence Tech, studying from home. She puts a lot of time and effort into getting the best grades she can, like most of us, and naturally, that takes a lot out of her. Not to mention her extracurriculars, like marching band, that take up a lot of her extra time. Singleton explains that having all those things on her plate makes self care all the more important. She says, “it relaxes my mind and helps me regain my energy after long days.” Singleton went on to say that self care is reinvigorating and helps her regain her strength so that she doesn’t get burnt out easily, which is extremely useful while continuing to strive for good grades in college. 

Question 2: Do you like to make your self care activities aesthetically pleasing?

For Singleton, self care doesn’t have to be perfect or Instagram worthy. Most of the time it’s simple, like taking a nap or indulging in a favorite food. It’s almost as if self care is bigger than what Pinterest says it should look like, and that it’s more about focusing on yourself and what you need. However, it is fun to have aesthetically pleasing self care activities. Making it aesthetically pleasing makes your time with yourself even more enjoyable. In Singleton’s words, while doing that “everything looks as amazing as it feels.” So, pretty face masks, light candles, and colorful mood lighting are indulgences that she enjoys at times. 

Question 3(follow up to 2): Do you think making your self care aesthetically pleasing helps you feel more motivated to do it?

When asked this question, Singleton replies, “Not really. For me, the motivation is the same whether I’m making it aesthetically pleasing or not. The action itself is enough.” In fact, what’s really motivating for her are her memories of what it was like when she wasn’t engaging in regular self care. When you don’t take the time out of your life to take care of yourself, your mental and physical strength deteriorates to the point where life in general is worse. 

Question 4(follow up to 2): What are your favorite self care activities?

Katlynn’s top three include doing extra skincare, playing chill video games, and journaling. 

Question 5: How specifically do your favorite activities help you during your day to day life?

Each of her favorite activities are her favorites for good reasons. They all help her take control of all of the negative emotions and stressors that come from being a college student, not to mention being a college student at home. She describes her extra skincare activities as relaxing and confidence boosting. Singleton explains, “I don’t have the best skin in the world, but knowing that I’m actively doing something about that makes me feel good about myself.” Additionally, she uses the chill video games to take her mind off of school and de-stress. Finally, journaling is very important because it is an outlet for her frustrations and allows her to deal with her heavy emotions. 

Question 6: What self care activities are you thinking of participating in the future?

Katlynn is thinking about starting up her old hobby of reading again. It’s been an astonishing four years since she read just for her own enjoyment and back then, it was really enjoyable. 

Kayla is a freshman at Michigan State University majoring in physics. With her future degree she wants to be a physicist who works on modern physics research. Her passions include writing, running, reading, and playing her instruments. She likes to write HCMSU articles about mental health and aesthetically pleasing self care.
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