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REVIEW: “Two Wrongs Make A Right” by Chloe Liese

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You know those Goodreads giveaways? People actually win them, and my advanced reader copy of “Two Wrongs Make a Right” by Chloe Liese is my reminder of that. Receiving this book in the mail was a pleasant surprise that left me with an overwhelming sense of joy––especially because I am a lover of the Bergman Brother novels.  

“Two Wrongs Make a Right” made me feel incredibly soft and open to love while also including scenes with so much tension that I couldn’t help but internally scream. It is the perfect novel for the people who are just too soft for all of it (*cue “Sweet Nothings” by Taylor Swift*). 

“Two Wrongs Make a Right” is a reimagining of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” 

Bea Wilmot and Jamie Westenberg have distanced themselves from love due to experiences from their pasts. Their friends and family attempt to bring them together, but after a meet-disaster, Bea and Jamie come to an understanding that they are wrong for each other. However, when the people closest to them trick them into going on a date, Bea and Jamie agree on a plan for revenge: they will fake date, convince everyone they’re in love, and then break up to end the matchmaking madness. 

Liese has a beautiful way of writing characters that feel real and fully dimensional. 

I love Bea and Jamie with my whole heart. The level of communication, vulnerability and sensuality in their relationship was everything. I could not control or contain my smiles and laughter, and I was blushing so hard. 

The novel explores the realities of being neurodivergent: being autistic, having anxiety. These characters are able to be vulnerable and explore their feelings, and in that, the reader is also granted access to a safe space. 

“Two Wrongs Make a Right” is expected to be released on Nov. 22, so pre-order the novel or check it out at your local bookstore on release day! It is Liese’s first traditionally published book, and I am so incredibly proud and happy.

Bella is a student at Michigan State University. She loves to cuddle with her cat and would be content to spend hours in a library, particularly one with a sliding ladder.