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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Boys will be boys 

But girls must always be poised

Boys will be boys 

And girls will always be their toys

Boys will be boys 

With constant tendencies to destroy 

Women can see the lies 

You try to hide under a masculine disguise

Facing your chastise 

Continuously with every sunrise

Your inevitable stares no longer a surprise

But now it’s time to equalize

Not to antagonize

So no one else can scrutinize 

But recognize the lies 

Summarized by boys will be boys

Phebe Jones is the Treasurer for Her Campus at MSU. Jones is a senior studying biochemistry as well as molecular genetics. Jones has published many times by local libraries for summer writing contests. She doesn't write often in her majors and wants to keep in enjoying one of her favorite activities. In her free time, Jones enjoys: reading, videogames, horror movies, listening to music, and cartoons.