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Maggie Lindemann, a 23-year-old singer/songwriter, entered the realm of rock/pop-punk with an exceptional EP, Paranoia. With an 8 track project, Paranoia utilizes different elements and styles of electric guitar and drums, as well as Lindemann’s powerhouse vocals and harmonies. With this EP becoming available to the public in 2021 and new singles released for her upcoming debut album, “Suckerpunch,” I’ve found the replay value and versatility as a rock/pop artist is simply one of a kind and certainly worth the listen. 

Beginning the EP with the first track and single, “Knife Under My Pillow,” Lindemann describes the feelings of being paranoid within her home, believing that someone else was present. The track utilizes electric guitar and drums, which begin with a more subtle sound during the first verse but extends to a more dramatic and expressive style within the pre-chorus and chorus. Lindemann emphasizes that this track is very literal, to the point where she actually kept a knife under her pillow and had to have company over with her.

The next track is called “GASLIGHT!” and features Siiickbrain and discusses the power shift after someone who has tried to manipulate you. Siiickbrain uses powerful death growls and adds strength to the overall song. In contrast, Lindemann utilizes haunting, subtle vocals and bass singing lyrics like “Baby are you lonely or just lonely for me.” This track exhibits tremendous power and was very surprising on first listen, but it is a stand out in the album because of its distinct elements.

The third track and third single, “Scissorhands,” pulls inspiration from the 1990s fantasy film Edward Scissorhands, revolving around a man who has blades for hands. The track holds a hefty rock-influenced guitar presence and scraping sounds of what seems like scissors, adding to the song’s imagery. The lyrics have a melancholy tone as Lindemann talks about the desire for intimacy while fearing hurting herself and others, using lyrics like “I got scissors for my hands / hold you closer but I can’t / I don’t want to kill a man.” The next track, “Crash and Burn,” which pulls inspiration from “Misery Business” by Paramore, has that powerful presence of vocals, guitar, and drums having a more upbeat style. The track focuses on betrayal amongst an unexpected ending to a relationship. 

The fifth track of the EP “Loner,” is easily a fan favorite. It talks about feeling alone while surrounded by people, preferring to stay alone, and allowing yourself to experience your sad emotions. Lindemann writes lyrics saying, “I like a dark room / with nobody but pain / and I don’t need permission to feel sad / and don’t need a witness to have my back.” This track remains one of my favorites because of the elements of vulnerability and style used in the song. Following the fifth track, “Love Songs” becomes a singular track on the project as it is an acoustic guitar song dedicated to a partner of hers. Some standout lyrics include, “When you’re happy, I’m home.” 

The last two tracks end the project beautifully, as the seventh track, “Different,” talks about anxiety following a traumatic experience where Lindemann was arrested overseas in Malaysia. Throughout the entirety of this EP, this track is one of my favorites. While it holds a specific experience for Lindemann, it can be looked at through many different perspectives about feeling pessimistic and trying to comfort yourself after a difficult situation. The final track, “It’s Not Your Fault,” ends off the album with a fierce bang discussing a repetitive cycle within a relationship. Lindemann ends the song with, “You don’t feel like home / Like something I’ve outgrown / Think I’m better on my own / Maybe I’m better off alone.”

Paranoia by Maggie Lindemann showcases many sides of her as an artist, as she finally gets to follow her passion in more rock-inspired music. If you get a chance to check out Lindemann, listen to her new singles from her upcoming debut album, “She Knows It,” a queer anthem, and “How Could You Do This To Me,” a haunting anthem featuring Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens. 

Julius Patto is a freshman at Michigan State University. He is studying Creative Advertising and Psychology. He strives to work in the music industry, being a creative director for artists and utilizing Psychology to help others for good. He enjoys writing poetry, reading, and skating in his free time.
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