Nikila Nallabelli, 2023


Name: Nikila Nallabelli

Major: Human Biology

Minor: Entrepreneurship 

Hometown: Troy, MI


Hi Nikila, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am a freshman at MSU and I am from Troy, MI. I am majoring in Human Biology and minoring in entrepreneurship. I am an identical twin who is very passionate about my dance and my culture. I play tennis, love makeup, and am obsessed with dogs. My favorite show is “FRIENDS” and my favorite pastimes are dancing, singing, and watching movies. I am on the Sur team, the Indian fusion singing team on campus. I plan to be a health professional and attend MSU COM in the future. 


Why did you choose this particular career path?

My grandma was a huge reason for this decision. She had stage four breast cancer. She suffered with medical issues for five and a half years. Watching her go through that pain inspired me to try to make sure no one would ever have to go through that heart-breaking pain. This is my way of directly serving the community that accepted me for who I was and gave me the best life I could have ever asked for.


How did you decide to come to MSU?

I was accepted into the Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program, which would give me the opportunity to pursue my dream. The diverse community and close distance from home were also big factors. I am very family oriented and it was important to me to stay close to home. 


What is your favorite thing about MSU so far?

I really like how inclusive all the people are and how everyone seems to look out for each other. I thrive in situations where I can trust the people around me and I definitely feel that way at MSU. 


Is there any advice you would impart on future college students?

I would say to try to plan out your future before coming to college. I wouldn’t come in completely undecided because otherwise you might feel completely lost. Also, be sure to step outside of your comfort zone: talk to new people, make new friends, and be open to change. This is a fresh start. Make what you want out of it.