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Every year, hundreds of people around the world try to re-invent themselves and whether it’s the natural order of things or how capitalism ropes us into a cycle of consumerism, new trends are born. As someone who spends hours on Pinterest, I believe I’m qualified enough to predict some of this year’s trends (or at least, hopefully, one).

“Strass” makeup

Strass makeup has been growing as a partying make-up trend all over Latin America and Europe; what started as rhinestones under the eyes has grown into somewhat of a cultural revolution.

Arm Sleeves

Over the last few years we’ve seen the evolution of the “cool girl” aesthetic and so it comes as no surprise that arm sleeves are the clear next step in that direction.

Opened button-down shirts

Button-down shirts are the epitome of classical style, but for some this style may seem stiff. This is why open button-down shirts paired with either crop-tops or t-shirts are the perfect middle-ground between elegant and casual style.


Blazers are slowly going from business-casual wear to a part of everyday street style. This piece is known to elevate almost any outfit and I can’t wait to see it around more often.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots should be a staple on everyone’s closet, especially during the warmest months. These boots can add personality to almost any outfit and are a great night-time companion.

Victoria is a freshman in the James Madison College on the track to become a Social Relations and Policy and Journalism double major. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and her favorite things are traveling, reading and listening to music!
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