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The coronavirus has quickly spread from a new virus to a worldwide pandemic. I know that everyone is hearing the same things over and over and each have their own opinions on this situation. This extra time at home has allowed me to reflect and think deeply. I would like to share my perspective and give an idea of where my head is at the moment.

I have some international friends that currently live in China, so when the news of the coronavirus first came out I immediately contacted them to see what the situation was like. They live in a city far from Wuhan but the Chinese government quickly took action nationwide. My friends moved to online schooling in February and were quarantined at home. I could not imagine how they were dealing with all this. It seemed as if within a matter of days, the virus spread.

Now, we are all feeling the effects of COVID-19. I have completed my first week of online learning and I am still adjusting to being back home. As I watched the number of confirmed cases increase in Michigan, I became more and more anxious and worried. Weeks ago I saw my mom stocking up on groceries and I thought that she was being paranoid. However, when I went with her, I could see the panic as shelves were quickly emptied and people wheeled away overfilled carts. 

Now, I am taking extra precautions including washing my hands more frequently and keeping my distance whenever I leave the house, which has become more and more rare. It is difficult staying at home. I want to meet with my friends and go do something but the more serious this pandemic gets the more shut off I become from the real world. I am stuck in this bubble that is my home. 

It is during times like these where I am extremely grateful for the blessings in my life. I think about the kids who rely on school for breakfast and lunch and I think of the less fortunate people on the streets that do not have a home. I have seen so many people doing amazing things online in order to help those in need like providing free food or shelter. Times like these are tough, but I have also noticed that they bring out the best in people. 

I hope and pray that the situation gets better soon. It is terrifying not knowing what is going to happen or how long this quarantine will last. Unfortunately, there are still many people that do not understand the seriousness of this virus and choose to neglect everything. I encourage everyone to practice good hygiene and social distancing as these are simple things we can do to make a difference and hopefully prevent the coronavirus from spreading. 


I am a freshman at Michigan State University studying Neuroscience and minoring in Chinese.
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