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Jealousy disintegrates

Whenever you are near

For when I am around you

There’s nothing left to fear

You wear your smile like the sunset

When you lend an ear 

Your sweet hugs to protect me

Ever so warm and dear

As you stare into my eyes

What is it you think?

You are the only source of my inspiration

Telling your stories through my ink

I feel that when I’m with you 

My heart is racing on a rink

Always skating on thin ice 

Until one day I sink 

Come run away with me, 

somewhere where we can both be ourselves

For we both know that this world is far too cruel,

and would never allow us to rebel

They say you cannot control who you fall in love with, 

And I know that I fell,

Having you for my first love

a tale that pains me to tell

Obsessed is an understatement, to say the very least

But I lost myself when I fell in love with you

My friends all tell me that can do much better

And I know that it stands true

Looking back when I gave you my heart

I was such a fool

I’d do anything to turn back the time

So this would be a heartbreak I never knew

But through all of this you must know

My love for you never went away

Much to the dismay of everyone else

It will always be here to stay 

I beg that in the next life

You’ll evolve and change

Because I know one thing is constant

The man I love most dearly is you, always

Hi there! I am currently a junior that is part of The University of Michigan's chapter of HerCampus. I am a BCN and English double major, with aspirations to become a physician. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, catching up on a good book, or streaming a copious amount of shows and movies on Netflix.