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March Wake-Up Calls

If you’ve been questioning some aspects of your life lately and why you are not reaching the potential you know you have, here is your March wakeup call:

1. Disconnect from the internet and media for a while and use that time to better yourself in some way.

You should not be the first person to know that Big Sean allegedly cheated on Jhene Aiko or what Rihanna is up to. When it comes down to it, these celebrities have absolutely no idea who you are so ask yourself why you are so fascinated with their lives. What are they doing for you? And I will be the one to tell you that being on Twitter all day or spending hours to find good lighting in your room for an insta selfie won’t do you any good, minus the likes. Stop living to impress others and start focusing on impressing yourself with achievements.

2. If you find yourself constantly having to vent to someone about a person in your life who is not treating you anything short of great, cut them out of your circle.

Surrounding yourself with negative energy will only hinder your success. Understand that “loving” this person, friendly or intimately, is not reason enough to keep them around. Accept the same love you give; if they love you, they will motivate you and encourage you. If not, it should be clear where you stand in their lives. With that being said, activate your girl power and get rid of all things that cause you any stress or negative vibes.

3. An unhealthy lifestyle will only fuel laziness and setbacks.

Yes, it may seem like a chore to go to the gym and to eat healthier when things like Netflix and Dunkin Donuts exist. Not saying it’s wrong to indulge in junk food, I’m an active advocate for eating whatever you like. However, if your day-to-day routine consists of lying on the couch eating your days away, what is going to change weeks and months and even years from now? Working out routinely and following a healthy diet (which means the inclusion of healthy foods not the limitation to healthy foods only) will provide you with the energy you need to grind throughout your days and get sh*t done. Boss your life up.

4. Stop competing with other women.

Controversy is common but letting go of things is the initial step towards growth. Worrying about what the next woman is doing, wearing, or saying takes away from the entire concept of self-growth. Once you learn to focus on yourself and your personal goals, you will notice a sense of maturity within you. Once you acknowledge this maturity, it becomes easier to empower other women, rather than compete with them. It’s true, bitterness and jealousy are very ugly traits. Empowered women rise together and succeed together, and then maybe share some mimosas and laughs to celebrate.

5. Stop procrastinating, start organizing.

The easiest thing to do and to say is, “I’ll do it later.” Throw the whole word away. Later. Eventually, later becomes tomorrow, then the next day, and so on until you begin to panic because you put it off for so long. Organization is one of the keys to success, so bring out the planners, sticky notes, and colorful gel pens and paper clips. The organization will aid in guaranteeing more stress free days and will also give you a sense of productiveness and motivation. Procrastination is messy; organization is appealing.

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