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Like many of you, I was devastated when MSU lost to Kansas State in the Sweet 16. The score was 98-95, making it an extremely close, fast-paced, and exciting game. I was so thrilled when the game was sent to overtime, and I sincerely thought that we had a chance to make the Final Four. However, these hopes were dashed when we turned the ball over before we had the chance to make a game-tying shot.

While this was a disappointing end to our season, I am still so proud of the team and all that they accomplished. There were so many great moments in our games this year that made us all smile and celebrate. The team carried our entire community on their backs, and gave us a reason to celebrate even after some of the most difficult and dark days of our lives. I am so grateful to Coach Izzo and every member of our team for doing such a great job and making this one of the most exciting and memorable seasons of my life. From our nerve-racking win over Villanova all the way back in November, to our blowout victory over Indiana in our first game in Breslin after the tragic shooting, we have watched them show the rest of the country what it means to be Spartans.
As a senior, I am sad that my time as a student is coming to an end, but I know that I will be a lifelong fan of MSU sports. I cannot wait for the many great seasons to come, and I hope that future MSU students will get to enjoy a ride like we had this year.

Rachel is the Social Media Director at Her Campus MSU. She is a Senior at MSU's James Madison College studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with a double minor in Business, and Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy. After graduation, she hopes to become a public interest lawyer or work in the government sector. She is an avid camper and enjoys spending her time in the great outdoors hiking and biking. She loves ice skating and has recently been trying to learn some new moves! Rachel also enjoys reading, cooking, crocheting, and trying as many bubble tea places as she can find.