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Long Distance Relationships: Benefits and Challenges

Long distance relationships can be extremely challenging. You are away from someone you love – someone who is a large part of your life. As you both follow your passions, whether that be going to college, joining the military or taking a gap year, you aren’t always together.

Long distance can also put a lot of stress on your relationship. Not having face-to-face conversation with him or her can make the relationship feel a little disconnected.

Although the best solution to this would be to actually see that individual, it often isn’t possible. Texting and Snapchat doesn’t always cut it. Skype or Facetime definitely helps the aching heart when you are missing that special someone. Frequent calls and sharing details of your life, when you are not together, may be sad at times. But it does remind you that one day you will be back together making memories.

Maintaining a healthy, long distance relationship is challenging, but it definitely has benefits and can be done. You are in a relationship with someone you love – someone who makes you happy, someone who is an important part of your life.

In the end, isn’t it better to work to be with this person than to be without them? I think so.

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