The Little Things

Between Christmas, New Years and Valentine's Day, there is so much happening in the lives of the people around us. A sibling is traveling all the time, a friend is graduating with a dream job, someone you went to grade school with got engaged or a family member is expecting.

It seems that everyone is eager to share news about thrilling things that are happening in their life — but then there is you. You, a twenty-something college student who has no idea what they want to do or will do in life.

This stage where maybe you didn’t make the dean's list this semester, you didn’t land an internship at your dream company, you aren’t expecting a ring or planning on having a baby. While that seems sad that your parents may not have much to brag about on Facebook about you, you are still happy with life. 

You have your own small accomplishments like learning to cook chicken (or even noodles!)and waking up for that horribly scheduled 8 a.m. And that's perfectly okay! These years are about figuring our lives out, from what you want to do or where you’d like to go.

Everyone experiences life differently but we all end up at the finish line one way regardless of the challenges we may face. No matter how old you are or where you are in life, you will get there — so be excited about the little things. Share them when others are sharing their big things and be happy with your life in the moment!