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Let’s Romanticize Being Alone: How to Combat College FOMO

Since getting to college I’ve filled most of my time finding things to do, whether it is the weekend or a weekday. I feel like a failure if I have no plans after class. 

Most times, it feels like everyone but you is having the time of their life, but here’s the thing: everyone feels this way. Going to a big school has many advantages but its darkest side is there is always something to do. Overwhelming your mind with school, activities, and social responsibilities sounds great at first, but it comes with an unavoidable side effect – burnout.

Constantly straining your mind and body by filling all 24 hours of your day can be highly damaging. We need time for ourselves. 

Let’s face it, being alone can be beautiful and extremely peaceful. This month I challenge you to do these 5 things by yourself:

1. Have a meal by yourself

Whether this consists of finally taking the courage to go to the dining hall alone, going to your favorite restaurant, or making yourself a home-cooked meal, take time to have a meal by yourself.

2. Make hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie 

Whether it’s a cringe-worthy rom-com or an old cowboy movie, having a movie night by yourself can be almost therapeutic.

3. Go for a run, walk, or hike.


MSU’s campus is beautiful this time of year, plus a boost of endorphins never hurts. Take at least 30 minutes to explore campus. Appreciate the leaves changing colors and the occasional ray of sunshine while you take time to reflect on your semester.

4. Take yourself on a study date.

Hit up your favorite coffee shop or on-campus spot, and embrace your inner Rory Gilmore by taking yourself on a study date.

5. Have a self-care day.

Take a long shower, do face masks, make yourself a cup of tea, write down your goals for next semester, meditate, or just do something that makes you happy. Remember that you need to take care of yourself first!


Victoria is a freshman in the James Madison College on the track to become a Social Relations and Policy and Journalism double major. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and her favorite things are traveling, reading and listening to music!
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