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If you’ve ever wanted to get into K-Dramas but didn’t know where to start or which dramas were good, look no further! I have compiled a very short list of my favorite K-Dramas with a brief description that I 100% recommend for those trying to get into the genre. 

It is worth pointing out that this list is not ranked by most recommended to least*

  1. Heirs (Inheritors on Netflix) 

This drama is a slightly risque drama that involves a girl traveling to America to find her sister but ends up meeting a rich boy and has a seemingly unwelcomed stay in his house. This show has all the romance, all the frustration, and all the drama you could ask for. 

  1. A Korean Odyssey (On Netflix) 

A Korean Odyssey is about a girl with the “gift” of being able to see ghosts that sometimes get her into tough spots. The main character meets a fallen god desperate to get back into heaven and tasked with making sure she is safe from ghosts. This drama is the perfect show for someone looking for something supernatural and slightly creepy. 

  1. The Legend of the Blue Sea (On Hulu) 

This Korean drama is about a mermaid who ends up falling in love with a conman. The story follows the two main characters as we see how their fate has been determined from the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty. This show is a must-see and is honestly one of my favorites that I tend to rewatch.

  1. Sweet Home (On Netflix) 

For those of you who enjoy tv shows with gore and monsters this one’s for you. This original Netflix series follows a world that has been devastated with a virus that has turned the majority of the population into zombies. We follow the main characters in the show that are hiding within a rundown apartment complex while we watch their survival. This show is a must-watch, but beware, there is a ton of gore!

Lauren Welch is a junior at Michigan State University studying Political Science pre-law with a minor in Law, Justice, and Public Policy and Creative Writing. Lauren Welch is currently the secretary for the Michigan State University chapter and loves to write articles that relate to the college experience and tips on how to survive college in the most fun way. You can reach her through email at welchla3@msu.edu
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