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The leaves are falling. As am I. The leaves are changing color; my complexion brightens as he silently kisses my cheek. There’s a breeze in the air, but I can barely feel it as his hoodie hugs me. I’m falling as though the Earth herself wishes for me to. It’s difficult to explain what it is exactly. Perhaps his home-like scent, his compassion, or even his goofy and tender nature. I’m falling for him. 

A mutual friend had set me up with him, and our first date was in a dining hall. We love long walks around campus and sleepy mornings under the covers. We both can’t ride bicycles and are in love with the sky and the universe. It feels so right to be with him. Our universe was made for us; our stars are made of the same dust. 

I’m apprehensive to share this with him, though. My thoughts begin to race, my anxiety quickens, and I feel intimidated. What if he runs away while I’m falling? Who will catch me as I hit the surface? Maybe, as I look at the fleeting universe while falling, our stars will knowingly wink at me, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll be there to catch me. 

A Michigan State University student by day, an 8-hour sleeper by night Aditi would best describe herself as a "rather simple enigma." As she embarks on her college journey, Aditi cherishes the simple things in life: a cup of coffee, some pastel post-it notes, and her ever-growing succulent.
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