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I am from a sea of saltwater tears,

manifested by a witch in red. 

From endless brain games and empty punishments.

I am from a constant stream of pain and fear 

that runs ferociously through an endless storm.

I am from suffocating and suffering.

From drowning in bedtime tears.


I am from freshwater lakes and charming wooden boats

filled with 9 beautiful grandchildren. Fair-skinned, strong brows, delicate smiles, and deep eyes. 

I am from fireworks and fires.

I am from pristine golf courses, Northern ski slopes, and Naples beaches.

From summer salads filled with cranberries, from sweet corn and potato salad. 

From pastel dresses, precious smiles, swimsuits, and sand.

From secrecy, lies, and acts of perfectionism and poise.

From fake smiles and empty conversations.


I am from professionals.

I am from success and sadness,

from failure and go-getters.

I am from newspapers and the news.

From records and championships.

And from failed wins and lost matches.


I am from iron and graphite.

From feverish heat and chronic torment,

with permanent stains of mental destruction.

I am from castles of dreams and towers of torture.


Priscilla is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing.
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