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I Tried 3 Different Fitness Youtubers So You Didn’t Have To

We did it. We survived one of the worst years ever. Congratulations to everyone! I will say though, 2020 has taught me a lot and has helped me grow as a person. I was also able to accomplish so many things and one of them was sticking to my new year's resolution. As 2021 keeps going and people start to forget about their new year’s resolutions, I am here to help you out a bit, especially, if your resolutions are related with health and fitness. In 2020, my resolution was to become fitter and stronger, and I am very proud to say I have accomplished it to a certain degree. I tried three different fitness Youtubers and here are my reviews:


Chloe Ting

So yes, I started training with Chloe Ting because of Tik Tok, but I gotta say she has some awesome and killer workouts! Chloe is an Australian fitness YouTuber and what I really liked about her was that she has so many different FREE programs on her website that include free youtube video workouts which can be found on her channel. I recommend Chloe to those who are getting started on their fitness journey. Following her programs helped me get used to sticking to a plan and following a routine and her workouts helped me build endurance and resistance. The programs I followed were the 2 Weeks SHRED challenge (if it sounds familiar, this is the program that went viral on Tik Tok), 28 days Flat Tummy challenge, and the 25 days Hourglass challenge. Overall, I really enjoyed her workouts, I loved the music she picks for her videos, her programs are FREE, she’s the absolute sweetest person and will motivate you throughout her workouts, and I highly recommend her to beginners. 

Pamela Reif

While Chloe helped me build endurance, it was  Pam’s workouts that helped me slim down. Pamela is a German fitness YouTuber and entrepreneur that uploads easy to follow and free workout programs weekly on her Instagram. The programs include free videos from her youtube channel. I actually found Pam through a friend who recommended her to me when I mentioned how I was ready to move on from Chloe. I started following her “30-min per day” workout program and I saw results almost 2 weeks after!! What I LOVED about Pam’s workouts is that she doesn’t talk through them (unless she does them LIVE) and as opposed to Chloe, her programs are not “targeted” towards any area of the body, meaning you will work out every single muscle group throughout the week. I would recommend Pamela to anyone since she runs around 3 - 4 different workout programs, ranging from a beginner program to a “45-min per day” workout program. I also recommend her to those who LOVE to dance as a workout as she has so many dancing workout videos, which are super fun to do. Overall, I absolutely loved Pamela. Her workouts are intense but EXTREMELY effective AND free. I recommend her to literally anyone in different stages of their fitness journey.


I came across Maddie’s channel through recommendations on Youtube. Maddie Lymburner is a Canadian fitness YouTuber with such a variety of free Youtube videos ranging from cardio workouts to weight training. I started following Maddie's workouts recently and so far I’ve been using Maddie to get used to working out with weights and help tone up a bit. Her workouts are simple and easy to follow and she helps you out by describing how to do each exercise correctly. Overall, I’m really enjoying Maddie; like I said I’m using Maddie to help tone up so I’ve been focusing on her workouts with weights and sculpting workouts, but she has such a different variety of workouts targeting different areas with weights and equipment to no equipment at all, HIIT workouts, beginner workouts, and she also has a lot of dancing workouts! Like Pam, I recommend her to everyone in different stages of their fitness journey.



Everyone is different and every body is different, so everyone’s results will vary but I hope my experience with each Youtuber helps you pick out which one you would like to try out. Good luck to everyone and happy sweating!

Maria is a senior studying Marketing and Sports Management. She was born in Barcelona, Spain, and enjoys writting all types of content, from fun, non-political articles to sports blogs to articles discussing very critical issues. In the future, she hopes to be involved in the business aspect of a sports organization such as the NFL or La Liga.
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