How you can Create your Own Internship Opportunity

The pandemic has taken a lot away from us, but has also left us with endless opportunities. Businesses, especially small ones, can benefit from free labor in times like these (with college credit of course). If your resume is looking a little short, here is how you can create your own internship opportunity and begin making important connections.


The first thing you need to do is define your goal. What do you hope to gain from this experience? How much time can you dedicate to this internship? It’s important to have a strong purpose and idea of what you want to accomplish before moving forward. 


Next, you want to find a local business or company that you’d like to provide your services to. Local businesses not only allow you to work without relocation, but they tend to also offer you a lot more responsibilities than say a huge household-name corporation. 


If you're seeking a career within tech, find a social media firm. If you’re looking to engage with the fashion industry, find a local boutique. When you’ve finally chosen your business, research the heck out of it. Search the company on LinkedIn and connect with their employees. Make sure you know the company's mission, clients, and niche. 


Finally, after you’ve gathered all your information and done your research, pitch yourself as an intern. Through your research, you should’ve been able to find the CEO or HR manager you can contact. In some cases, the company may be so small that the owner will be the first person you talk to when you walk through the door. Your time to shine in now. Explain how your talents could positively impact their company and market yourself as a college student seeking valuable real-world experience. Bring a copy of your resume and any mock-up or materials they might ask to see. This is also the time to express a personal connection with the company if you have any (a huge plus, passion is what makes an amazing employee).


Though this is not a full proof plan, it is one that can work. Opportunities are not alway handed to you, and the extra initiative you take to land this position can make you stand out in future interviews and applications. After all, the worst thing they can say is no!