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How to Utilize Your Resources at Michigan State

In college, four years can go by in what seems like four months. Things get very fast-paced and all of the sudden you find yourself stressing and feeling overwhelmed. Luckily for us, MSU provides students with multiple resources that should be utilized in order to stay on track and stay sane. A few of them are listed below: 



ASMSU has been Michigan State’s student government since 1965. They offer a range of services from academic to legal help. A couple of their services that can come in handy to students include Safe Ride—  a safe and free late night transportation service — and Legal Services, which provides free legal assistance and representation. ASMU also provides students with iClickers and calculators to rent free of charge as well as Blue Books that many professors utilize for exams. 



No matter how confident and independent you feel during your college journey, it is always smart to speak to an advisor to make sure you are on the right path. MSU has multiple advisors for all areas of study and even advisors for students who have not picked an area of study yet. These people are here to help you follow the right path and make the best decisions during your academic career and can surely help you with anything you’re having trouble with.


Help Rooms 

Help rooms and TA’s may become your best friend during college. Taking classes that are ridiculously tough and struggling with a homework problem you can’t seem to figure out? There’s help for that. Professors generously set up times and dates for students to come in after classes to receive help with any material they are having trouble with. If you find yourself stressing out over homework, an exam, or just certain material in general — go to your class’s help room or visit your TA/professor for their office hours. 


At such a large university, the options to receive help are endless. These resources are included in the tuition and other expenses you pay for school; not utilizing them is almost like throwing money away. They are there for your success. 


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