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When moving into your new home or apartment, the first thing you want to do is figure out how you want to decorate. In this article, I will teach you some tips on how to decorate when you’re on a tight budget! 

To begin, the most important thing you need to do before you start buying decorations is picking out a color scheme, as well as picking a decorating style. When you don’t have a set color scheme, it will be very hard to get started. My biggest tip for color schemes and decorating styles is Pinterest! Pinterest is a good way for you to look into different premade room styles with different color schemes so you can get a good idea of what you’re looking for. 

Now that you’ve figured out your style and color scheme, you’ll be wondering where you should go to buy the decorations for your new space. My favorite places to go are HomeGoods and Five Below. These two places are perfect for when you want to have stylistic pieces for a good price. HomeGoods is a furniture and decorating store that changes their stock very often, so if you see something you like for a good price, I would recommend grabbing it! 

On the other hand, Five Below can have good finds as well. This store is full of low cost items, such as fairy lights, pillows, rugs, fake plants, wall shelves, and other unique items that can give your room that extra something. Five Below has other items instead of decorations as well! In some stores, you can find small tables, mugs, plates, and outdoor decorations to make the outside of your new home as spectacular as the inside. 

If you’re the kind of person that wants to dive into the more hands-on approach and get more into DIY-ing, Michaels or HobbyLobby will be your next stop. Inside these craft stores you can find fabric, beads, mason jars, and fake flowers to elevate your decoration approach!

The final store I want to give a shoutout to is Amazon. Amazon is perfect for decorations, as you may be able to find items on sale that you would find at a lower price than in a store. Definitely check out shelves and other furniture you need, such as bed frames, and you’ll be happy to feel that you’ve gotten the best price!

Overall, your new home should be unique to you, and these tips and stores should be where you’re looking for in terms of decorating and stylization! Make sure you try these ideas and make your place beautiful!

Lauren Welch is a junior at Michigan State University studying Political Science pre-law with a minor in Law, Justice, and Public Policy and Creative Writing. Lauren Welch is currently the secretary for the Michigan State University chapter and loves to write articles that relate to the college experience and tips on how to survive college in the most fun way. You can reach her through email at welchla3@msu.edu
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