How to Spice Up Your Home Decorating Game

I take a lot of time working on the space I live in. When I still lived at home, I had an outrageously decorated bedroom that I’d actually make posters and drawings for. Now, I have a whole apartment to decorate, and it means there are a lot more options.

Here are some tips for making a space better decorated and more homey, whether it’s a dorm room, bedroom, or a whole apartment.

String lights

There are so many ways to use string lights, and they’re a popular decoration for a reason. The warm lighting always makes your space feel more homey. There is the standard way of hanging them across the tops of walls, which always looks great. You could have them dangling over your bed, or thrown over beams in your ceiling, or hanging from the side of your lofted bed. You can get creative with string lights as well -- use different colors, or use icicle lights, or just find a unique way to arrange them. The possibilities are endless!


Tapestries are beginning to become pretty basic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them. They can change the feeling of a whole space. I have five tapestries. They can be pretty expensive sometimes, but you can always get cheaper ones on Amazon, and if you’re looking something less common or more artsy, try looking on Society6. Tapestries look great hung on walls, but my favorite way to hang them is from the ceiling, so you have to look up at them. I have one hanging over my bed! It may seem daunting to try to hang from the ceiling, but using thumb tacks works.


Print out pictures and hang them on your wall, so you’re always reminded of your friends, family, and adventures! A cool way is to use string and hang up the pictures with clothespins. I print out all 4x4 in square pictures and hang them up on my wall so they all perfectly line up, which looks great.


A cute rug can change a whole room. You don’t have to get an expensive one, there are always great rugs at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, and Amazon is always an option as well. Plus, they don’t have to be big area rugs - small rugs next to your bed or in front of your dresser are always good, too!


I’m a firm believer that hanging posters or art prints of things you love makes your room way cooler. They say to throw out your college posters when you get older, but I’m hoping I’ll never do that (although maybe one day they’ll be consolidated to my basement.) I like to buy smaller posters, not the standard 36 x 24 inch big ones, so I can fit more on my wall and so they will fit better together. When you hang posters, pictures or frames on your walls, make sure you arrange them in a way that looks good, with even spacing in between.


You don’t have to get real plants, but if you can, then do it! All of the plants I have are fake. Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Target all have cute and cheap fake plants -- succulents are always great and flowers that aren’t tacky looking always brighten a whole space. I have a vase of fake sunflowers sitting on my kitchen table, and I love them! However, actual plants are better, plus it gives you some responsibility in taking care of them and makes the air cleaner!

Some more tips:

  • Have cute blankets! I have a sweater blanket that I love, and that makes my bed look 10 times more cozy

  • If you want, have a kind of color scheme so everything looks cohesive

  • Accent pillows are always really fun

  • Have a cute shower curtain, it will brighten up your whole bathroom

  • If you have books, putting them out somewhere or having a nicely organized bookshelf goes a long way

  • Have cute coasters sitting on your coffee table

  • Candles smell great and can be really cute decor

  • Framing pictures or posters makes them look fancier

  • Make your own art to hang on the walls, it will make your space feel more personal

  • DIY anything you can!

  • Everything looks better when your space is organized -- have a place for everything and it will look a lot better!

The most important part of decorating your space is to make it personal. Make sure when someone walks into your room or apartment, they can tell that it’s yours. Surrounding yourself with things you love will make you really enjoy being at home and make your space #apartmentgoals!