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How To Plan Your Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Agenda if You’re Single (Uniquely) 

Valentine’s Day is always the most dreadful holiday for all of the singles out there. Especially with COVID-19, more people are stuck laying in their bed with chocolate, without the option of going out. To make Valentine’s Day more bearable this year, read the fun ideas below!


Bubble Baths, Music, and Candles


Unwind and relax during your Valentine’s Day this year, you deserve it! We all need a day for ourselves, so let's use this day as such. Fill up your tub with bubbles, light some candles, and play your favorite tunes. Find some peace in alone time and just relax! 


Virtual Spotify Date


Spotify’s new feature, “group sessions”, allows you to share your favorite songs with whomever! This feature is easy and allows you to connect with others virtually. To spice it up, add some prompts such as “play a song that reminds me of you.” Create different games and get into your groove. 


Charcuterie Board 


 My new hobby is making charcuterie boards with all of my favorite treats. Pick up some fresh fruit, your favorite cheeses, crackers, and some wine! Not only are they fun to make, but to eat, too. Play your favorite movie in the background, and indulge in the charcuterie! 


Virtual Cooking Class


With COVID-19, virtual classes are a big hit. Set up a virtual cooking class for your favorite dishes and have fun walking through the steps! 


Make Some Art


It’s always fun to make some art you can hang in your living room. Pick up the paintbrush or grab the ceramics, and make something to your taste. 


Tarot Cards


With the moon being in Aquarius upon Valentine’s Day, plan a virtual tarot card reading. Dive deeper into your spirituality and treat yourself! 


Chloe West is a Junior at Michigan State University studying journalism and public relations. She writes for VIM Magazine, the Spartan Newsroom and Her Campus MSU.
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