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In honor of the end of the college football season, I decided to make a list of the greatest college football games of all-time. Ranked from 1-10, starting from 10.

Greatest Games of All-Time:

10. No. 3 Notre Dame vs. No. 1 Alabama (1973)

9. No. 1 LSU vs. No. 3 Ole Miss (1959)

8. No.2 Penn State vs. No.1 Georgia (1983)

7. No. 2 Texas vs. No.1 USC (2006)

6. No. 4 Notre Dame vs. No. 1 Miami (1988)

5. No. 2 Penn State vs. No. 1 Miami (1987)

4. No.10 Boston College vs. No. 12 Miami (1984)

3. Appalachian State vs. No. 5 Michigan (2007)

2. No. 5 Miami vs. No. 1 Nebraska (1984)

1. No.1 Nebraska vs. No. 2 Oklahoma (1971)

Nicolette is studying Physiology with a minor in Health Promotion at Michigan State University. Planning to go to dental school, with her dream job to provide dental care to professional athletics and travel the world to provide assistance to those who don't have proper dental care. In addition, Nicolette is also a member of MSU Pre-Dental Club, MSU Chaarg, and MSU Relay. Nicolette's favorite pastime(s) is going to sporting events with her friends, photography and working out at her part-time job: IM West.
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