Graduation: This Doesn’t Have to Be Goodbye

To some, it is the most exciting moment in their life: graduating from college and starting a new, totally adult, life. And I will admit, a part of me is excited. I finally get to follow my dreams and work in the field that I’ve always dreamt of working in. I get to go off on my own and do whatever or live wherever I choose. But I can’t help but feel incredibly nostalgic.

College was the place that I truly figured out who I am. College was where I met the most amazing people from all different cultures and backgrounds that became my best friends. College was where I made something of myself and pursued my dreams. College was where I got to dabble in a little bit of everything I love. College was where I met my boyfriend of nearly five years, at a frat party, my freshman year welcome week. College was where I met professors whose lessons will stay with me for the rest of my life. College was where I learned to have fun and feel alive. College was where I learned that anything is possible. College was where I found a job that opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. College was where I finally felt at home. And most importantly, college was where I faced the biggest challenges and struggles that I’ve dealt with so far in my life, that made me the independent, strong person that I am today.

Right now, it feels like it’s time to say goodbye to everyone that I have met and everything that I have done and loved for the past five years. But I don’t know if I am ready to say goodbye.

It is scary taking that leap after graduation - moving to an unfamiliar city, where you don’t know anyone, and finally becoming a totally independent adult with a career.

But I must remind myself: I came to college to be able to study what I love, in order to follow my dreams, and now it is time to live my dreams. I must remind myself that this isn’t goodbye; it’s a hello to so many new and exciting possibilities and experiences. I must remind myself that this is just the start of my life, not the end of it. I must remind myself that everyone I met here will be in my life forever, no matter how different our lives might become, because the friends you meet in college, are the ones you will have for life.

“We must accept the end of something in order to begin to build something new.”