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Five Things to Do in the Morning That Will Make Your Day Better

We’ve all been there — it’s eight a.m. and you have to force yourself out of bed to make it to your nine a.m. class. You start your day groggy and crabby until you finally get your hands on a few cups of iced coffee to perk yourself up. But mornings don’t have to be as miserable as this, and in fact, there are many things you can incorporate into your morning routine that will help you start your morning on the right foot. Here are five things you can do to start your morning happy, optimistic, and ready to conquer anything your classes and job have in store for you. 

Make Your Bed 

You’ve probably heard this one before, but honestly making your bed in the morning is so refreshing. Not only will you start your day with a win, but it will also be something you can look forward to because coming home to a clean bed is an amazing feeling.

Eat Breakfast 

Try your best to not skip out on breakfast in the morning. And make your breakfast something nutritional — something that will give you a boost of energy for the day. For example, fruit with an energy bar or toast with almond butter is great. My favorite energy bars are Larabars because they are delicious and simple to grab and go while you are in a morning rush.

Listen to Music 

One of my favorite ways to welcome the new day is to get ready while listening to upbeat music. This way, I can jam while I brush my teeth and do my daily skincare, which puts me in a cheery mood. I love searching through the pre-made playlists on Spotify when I need to find new music to listen to. My current favorite is the playlist “Morning Motivation,” it’s filled with songs that you have to dance to.

Do Your Skincare 

 Your skin and your mood will truly thank you for spending five to ten minutes in the morning completing your daily skincare. Splashing water in your face will instantly perk you up, and you can leave your apartment feeling fresh-faced all day long. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Drink A Glass of Water 

Starting your morning with a glass or two of water will wake you up and can help flush out any toxins in your body. And it’s always important to stay hydrated so, bottoms up!

 Don’t worry ladies — we can all be morning people!


Ri'An is a third-year student at Michigan State University majoring in Journalism with minors in Public Relations and Creative Writing. She loves writing and ties it to her passions in fashion, beauty, and wellness. Outside of writing for HerCampus, you can find Ri'An in a coffee shop reading her current favorite novel or Elle magzine.
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