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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Content warning: This story discusses sensitive topics including school shootings.

During the last few weeks, it’s felt like my life has been put on pause. On Feb. 13, a mass shooting took place on Michigan State University’s campus. This tragic event impacted the lives of thousands and left the community in shock. In the days that followed, campus became quiet as the sound of sirens faded away and many left East Lansing to seek comfort elsewhere. However, I was part of the minority who stayed and watched as everything paused on campus while life around it kept going. Everyone processes differently and personally; I needed this time to find any good that could be found in such a tragic event. In the week following the shooting, I fractured my foot which made life slow down even more for me. However, this time has given me the opportunity to find good in hard situations. Here are a few ways to find the good even in the face of tragedy. 

Find Comfort in Community. After the shooting, the Spartan community came together to support each other. Having support is an important part of being able to recover and knowing you’re not alone in the way you feel helps validate those feelings. It also gives you the ability to talk to others who understand and can help you find healthy ways to process your feelings.

Slow Down & Breathe. Personally, most days I find myself with a full schedule, always rushing from one activity to the next. Until I was forced to slow down, I didn’t realize all the little things in life I’d been missing out on. Recent events have put into perspective how important it is to take a moment to slow down and take a breath. 

Choose Your Perspective. It can be easy to focus on the negatives, but you can always choose to find the positives. Finding even one positive thing each day can make a difference in how you feel. For example, when I fractured my foot, I could’ve focused on all the activities I can’t do, but instead I decided to be excited about getting to ride a knee scooter around. 

One Day at a Time. It can be overwhelming looking at everything you have to do. Breaking tasks down and focusing on one chunk at a time makes it more manageable. When you’re overwhelmed, think about what is happening now and not what is coming next. 

Even when life gets tough, there’s still good to be found. Sometimes you can get tangled up in the fast pace of life, but it’s ok to slow down. You will find the good in life if you take a moment to look around you! 

Leah Lindemeyer was formerly the Community Outreach Director and an editor for Her Campus as MSU. She helped HCMSU remain active in the community and give back to East Lansing. Lindemeyer graduated from Michigan State University in spring of 2024 with a bachelor's degree in communication and minors in media photography, public relations, and global studies. After graduation, she will go to Ohio State for her Master's in communication. Lindemeyer wrote and edited for her high school's journalism program for all four years she attended. For her work, she earned the James L. McCann "Excellence in Journalism" Award two years in a row. In her free time, Lindemeyer enjoys water skiing, traveling, watching romantic comedies, and taking photos.