Finals Week: Told by Our Favorite Vampire Heartthrob

Few things can lighten the mood during finals week, but Damon Salvatore’s face is certainly one of them. His sarcastic comments and frequent fits of anger also make him the perfect candidate to sum up all of our emotions during this dreaded week.

To the person who made that life-saving Quizlet:

When your friends are stressing out even more than you are:

 “Let me guess, you saved all of your studying for the last minute?”

When someone tells you that you have a procrastination problem:

After six hard minutes of studying:

Being completely blindsided by an exam you thought you had in the bag:


When you exceed all expectations and pull off a rare A:

Asking your professor to round up your D to an A:

When your parents ask you how finals went:

Reflecting on your final grades:

Your friends when they see your grades:

When you're finally by yourself after a long and exhausting week of failing tests: