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Whenever I am asked what my favorite holiday is, most people are shocked when I tell them that it’s Valentine’s Day. Yes, the dreaded February 14th that most people despise. Trust me when I say that I know that there are ample relationship horror stories that the majority of the world experiences – both men and women alike. I’ve heard it all, from breakups on birthdays, the occasional I-cheated-on-you-with-your-best-friend story, and just overall some sucky first dates. It’s no surprise as to why so many people dread this holiday. 

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just to recognize our failed relationships and disaster stories, which explain why most people keep their guards up. Valentine’s Day is the day of love. We celebrate those who are lucky enough to find their special someone. This could be your parents or step parents, that pair of high school sweethearts you’ve known since your teenage years, or your two best friends who’ve liked each other for a while but haven’t admitted to anything. 

We also can’t forget about our friends, because Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your friends how much you appreciate them. We celebrate all kinds of love on February 14th – platonic and romantic. A lot of people fail to notice all the love that surrounds them and Valentine’s Day is just a reminder of how much we are all appreciated and loved. 

Writing Valentine’s Cards is one way that I celebrate this holiday. Everyone gets so caught up in the everyday busyness of life that we fail to really sit down and appreciate someone for who they are. With my pen in hand and an open card in front of me, I make sure to write down why I am so lucky to have this person in my life. Everyone needs that reminder every now and then. 

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romantic, candlelit dinners or flowers and chocolate; it’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love – platonic or romantic – and to spend time with those who choose you just as much as you choose them.

I am a current undergraduate student at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in psychology. My friends like to comment on my high energy which seems to be pretty contagious coming from them. I love meeting new people and learning new things/skills. In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, reading, writing, long boarding, going to the gym and just spending quality time with the people I hold close to my heart.