Do We Still Believe?

College is deemed a time of self-discovery. You meet new people. You gain a different perspective. You learn to believe in yourself. But does a newfound belief in oneself often mean a lesser belief in a higher power? Moreover, with society becoming increasingly more liberal, do we still believe?

“I was born a Catholic and will die a Catholic, but my relationship with God has been bolstered by the experiences I’ve had with people who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions than my own.” -Jasper, Michigan State University

“For the first time in my life, I was away from a very religious family environment and it was nice, so I didn’t give much thought to spirituality.” -Prahar, University of Michigan

“For me personally, it strengthened it [Christianity]. Obviously, it was the first time being on my own, and it was at times very chaotic. I found myself praying for a lot of different things and for strength.” -Alex, Michigan State University

“Your spirituality definitely will be tested by the temptations and freedom college has to offer. I believe my background and foundation [Christianity] was solid before I went, so that definitely helped a lot.” -Josh, Oakland University

“For the first couple of months, I went to church every Sunday. However, when I really reflected, I decided that I identify more as agnostic and don’t really believe in any one religion.” -Jenn, Michigan State University

“In high school, I had mostly all Christian friends. However, coming to college and being surrounded by new and old Muslim friends changed the game for me.” -Essa, Wayne State University 

“Straying away from my strict religious beliefs, I concluded that I don’t even define myself as a person who is spiritual. I found that the world makes sense to me without believing in anything which is something that I never saw coming.” -Monique, Michigan State University

“Being a student in college who loves spending time with friends and going out, I didn’t find myself making time for God like I should have. Next year, I want to change my ways.” -Katie, Michigan State University

“I would consider myself pretty lost and out of touch with faith before starting college. I ended up meeting some campus ministers who shared the gospel story with me and showed me what being a Christian really meant.” -Macy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“I would say that college and going to a Catholic college hasn’t really had a significant impact on my spirituality.” -Elaina, Lourdes University

“I always dreaded going to church, so this led me to take it [anger] out on my religion. As my new friends at college would participate in traditions, like lent, I realized that I wanted to reconnect with God.” -Julia, Grand Valley State University

“In the beginning of college, I pulled away from the thought of God, but in my second semester, I became closer and regained my love for God.” -Tiffany, Adrian College

Spirituality is not a “one size fits all” concept. Take your time. Find your way. Sometimes, it’s not about having the answers— as long as you ask the questions.