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Dating Advice from a College Girl Who is Over It

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Name: Isabella Elf

Major: International Relations

Hometown: Bay City

Question 1: What do you consider to be red flags and green flags?

For Isabella, some of the red flags are that they are mean to customer service or not picking after themselves. Also, how  interested they are about  your life and if they make it an interview about themselves. It is the act of caring and understanding your surroundings rather than being aloof. However, her green flags are they are a good listener, they are respectful towards family and friends, they will post you on social media, and are not afraid of having random to serious conversations. Lastly, they are willing to make time for you rather than giving you time when it is convenient.

Question 2: What is your love language? Do you believe it is important in a relationship?

For Isabella, her love language is a split between physical touch and quality time. “I do believe love language is important to understand your partner and their needs. It creates a loving and deeper relationship to provide for their love language and also to receive it, is also nice.”

Question 3 Do you believe it is harder to date during Covid in college? If so, what are the challenges and do you have any tips to combat it?

She said, “ It is obviously more difficult because there is no physical interaction and having that fear of being immunocompromised, also,  dating apps are just blah.”I would say treat it like a long distance relationship where you can Facetime,converse, and be best friends first and foremost. Also go to more intimate places where there is not a crowd.

Question 4 Do you take yourself on a date?

Isabella said “I mean now I am a little bored of myself, so I will get takeout and watch a movie by myself.”

Question 5: Do you prefer texting or calling your significant other?

She said she preferred texting because she can do it throughout the day and that way it shows she is always thinking about them.

Question 6: What dating advice would you give college students?

Isabella said, “Know your worth; if they want they will; dating is not a chore and as Taylor Swift said ‘don’t let go of the hand.’”

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