Celina Timmerman-Cup

A Challenge

If you’re anything like me, you have found yourself aimlessly scrolling through social media. You feel like you’re drowning in a sea of homogeneity— the same tweets, the same TikTok trends (enjoy them while you can), and the same influencers. Life no longer feels linear, but rather cyclical. As your screen time rises, your belief in your purpose falls.

First and foremost, do not fret. Do not worry. Just as you are allowed to shine, you are allowed to fall. You are allowed to feel lost. You are human. Self-love is not being blind to your imperfections, but rather acknowledging the areas you want to improve in order to grow into the best version of yourself.

These are trying times— perhaps the first time that we as a generation have dealt with such collective hardship. As racial tension increases and COVID cases rise, it is only natural to feel down, lost, or angry (or maybe a combination of all three). The fact that you are even feeling anything proves that you are a person of empathy— a person who is capable of walking in the shoes of others.

Despite the pain that much of the world is feeling, I challenge you. Find the positive. Find a reason to get up every morning. Find the good in people, for it is times like this where we need it most.

Do not look at protests like they are violent disruptions, but rather an intoxicating demonstration of change. Do not look at wearing masks as a reminder of the virus, but rather a symbol that most people are selfless— most people are good.

Butterflies are not born beautiful and free. They must endure change. They must practice patience. The world hasn’t stopped, nor is it going backward, but it is rather in a state of metamorphosis. And when we fully transform, we will be more wonderful than before.

For now, breathe. Feel what you are feeling. And remember— despite the chaotic state of the world, you are exactly where you are meant to be.