The Benefits of Having Days Off of School

Education is important and should be provided to everyone. School gives students an opportunity to learn and grow by applying knowledge, and this is made possible by the dedication faculty and teachers put forth. However, all of this work can become overwhelming, not only to the students but also the educators. Since we are human, breaks are vital in order to continue functioning well. These breaks provide us opportunities to restore energy by resting and relaxing as well as preparing for the return to school. Here are some benefits to having these mandatory breaks.

  1. 1. Catching Up On Sleep

    School can cause people to lessen the amount of sleep they get each night. This is due to the workload a lot of students and teachers have. People may choose to go to bed late in order to complete outside assignments such as homework and projects. If the human body doesn’t get enough sleep, negative side effects may occur, because the body is running on low energy and needs to recharge by resting. By having days off of school,  people have the chance to sleep for longer periods of time. It’s important to note that not everyone struggles with a lack of sleep, but people could always benefit from having more time to rest.

  2. 2. Enjoying the Fresh Air

    There’s nothing like being able to go outside; being able to explore nature and enjoy the weather can be just what a person needs. While school can provide decent education and great learning opportunities, it also can prevent people from going outside due to a number of reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that typically classes take place indoors. An exception to this is recess and gym class if they are provided and allow for outdoor activities. There’s always a chance for a teacher to teach a class outside, but this isn’t always a guarantee. With the amount of assignments people have to work on, this can also limit the amount of time a person spends outside. Breaks offer a decent amount of time to get outside for a lot of people. Especially with Spring Break, people take advantage of the warm weather and sometimes even travel. It is important for people to take care of themselves and get plenty of Vitamin D. There’s also no shame in having outdoor fun as well.

  3. 3. Completing Assignments

    Here’s where school faculty and staff benefit from an educational standpoint. In order for students to perform well, providing breaks is necessary. They  give students the opportunity to study more for upcoming exams and complete any school work they have left. Teachers also benefit from breaks since they can catch up on assignments they have to grade as well as work on upcoming material. Although this may not be the most fun way of spending time over breaks, it can be the best way to prepare and catch up on school.

  4. 4. Exploring Hobbies and Interests

    A fun part about breaks is finding and participating  in hobbies. People crave stimulation and entertainment to not just fill time, but also to engage with interests. There are so many hobbies people can take on and explore. It honestly all depends on an individual’s interests and how they would like to go about these activities. Hobbies and interests help the brain to stay active, and such activities can even help people to cope with strong emotions. This is a natural part of life and can help people better function. Breaks from school can help give people the time they need to further their hobbies and find new ones. This allows people to consider what makes them happy without having to worry too much about school work.

The benefits of breaks from school all comes down to taking time for yourself and others. People are not built to constantly work, which is why breaks can be necessary for decent productivity. Consider people’s needs, including your own when it comes to the balance between working and breaks.