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It’s that spooky time of year again when we anticipate those back-to-back holidays that many of us have been celebrating since our childhood days! When I was younger, my mother was always obsessed with one of her favorite hit Slasher movies called Halloween. Watching this classic franchise has been a tradition every year for my family and me. The last film they recently made this year, Halloween Ends, was definitely something that many of us have been anticipating for quite some time. I was truly obsessed with this franchise because of John Carpenter’s music score that he created for the Halloween franchise. This tune indeed became the face of each movie. I feel that without this specific music score, this Slasher villain wouldn’t really have impacted so many people throughout the world who enjoy watching Halloween to this day. You can literally play the Halloween theme song anywhere you go, and this eerie tune will be sure to spook anyone.This song is so powerful that it led to the creation of the fictional character, Michael Myers.

The reason why certain movies or tv shows can be so impactful for people is because the music scores that are created for them allow us to have an emotional connection and express mental, sometimes physical, attachment as well. It leaves an imprint on our hearts that reflects our adoration and appreciation for music. For many of us, John Carpenter’s music score for Halloweeen is what makes this unique franchise so memorable for years to come.

Here’s a little poem I wrote to express a key takeaway from the Halloween franchise that involves Michael Myers mask!

The Mask

The face is painted white, but beneath the mask is pure darkness

The secrets it withholds have a power that can never truly be harnessed

It’s not a man that wears it, but a monster that’s underneath

A face that has a name, but identity is mere discreet

It obtains a power that gets stronger with the rage that’s from within

Not forgetting the fact it was the cause of Halloween’s many sins

The blankness it shows really obtains so many emotions 

To discover its cause of darkness will stir up commotion

No one is allowed to wear it, for it was made for someone special

The one who can unleash its anger will be the perfect vessel

Indeed, I won’t be destroyed because I cannot be tamed

My vessel may pass on, but he will not die in vain

Kailah is a fourth-year student pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and minor in Cognitive Science at Michigan State University. She is obsessed with learning about the creation of earth science and the formation of health science. She has a passion for creating music compositions and performing on a variety of instruments. In her free time, she enjoys self-teaching herself how to play music arrangements on the piano, guitar, and the violin. Kailah gets her inspiration from watching many TV/Movie genres and enjoy playing video games. She also adores writing genuine articles and remarkable poetry that many individuals can relate to.