Aliyah Jordan, 2023

Name: Aliyah Jordan

Major: Undeclared

Hometown: Westland, Michigan


What is your neighborhood and do you enjoy it? 

I’m currently living in South Neighborhood right now. It’s been good; I’ve actually really enjoyed it. Specifically, I like that it’s diverse, and that it’s close to the athletic sections of campus like the Breslin Center. Another great thing about South is that there are three dining halls which means that there are plenty of options.


Would you recommend South neighborhood to the incoming freshmen?

Yes! I would definitely recommend South neighborhood to any incoming freshman. I’m currently a freshman, and I’ve really enjoyed my first semester in the dorm I’m in. If any freshmen live in South Neighborhood next year, I think it’d be great for them to take advantage of the basketball courts, the volleyball pits, and any of the game rooms in the dorm buildings. I also recommend using the student resource center in Holden. It really helps! A big plus for most people is that South neighborhood is suite-style; so rooms have a private bathroom. Four girls share one bathroom instead of a whole floor sharing a bathroom. 


What is your favorite class you’re taking right now?

My favorite class would have to be ISS 210H. It’s called Society in the Individual, and the professor picks the semester’s topic. This semester we’re doing Education in the U.S. It’s an honors course that I’m taking for the Academic Scholars Program. I like it because this class is very interactive; the teacher doesn’t have one-way discussions where she lectures us— it’s more of a discussion class, and I really enjoy that.


Do you have any advice for incoming freshman?

I feel like if you don’t have a declared major then you shouldn’t worry. Despite what everyone tells you, it’s okay not to know. You will find your life passion eventually; there’s no reason to rush it. 


Last question. What is the best place to eat?

Blaze Pizza on Grand River is really tasty. So is the Panda Express in the International Center. Insomnia Cookies is also the bomb. East Lansing has some really good options. If it had to be on campus, like a dorm cafeteria, my favorite would have to be Case Hall. My second and third favorites would have to be Brody and Shaw. Case is probably my favorite because of its proximity to where I live. Brody has a wide variety of food to pick from. They have the general options of salad and pizza, but they also have options that aren’t given in South Neighborhood. Shaw is really good because it has a bunch of healthy options. It’s really the only caf that has consistently healthy meal options.