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#AdamsActs Week 3

It’s still fall, it’s still October, so we are still out here spreading kindness through #AdamsActs! If you haven’t been following along so far, #AdamsActs is a 31 day kindness challenge in which I will be attempting to complete one (or more) random act of kindness each day throughout the month of October. (If you are interested in the story behind #AdamsActs, check out the blog of the woman who started it here. If you are curious as to why I participate in #AdamsActs, here is why).


Day 12: Monday was another crazy busy day for me, but I was still able to find some time for kindness. A girl I’ve met this semester had asked if I had time to just talk a bit as it has been difficult to talk to new friends while learning virtually. I made time to fit that into my busy schedule as a kindness to her. I also planned time to have a mutual check-in with a friend of mine and by the time I put my work away for the day (after 2 exams, 3 quizzes, 2 classes, 2 meetings, etc, etc, etc…) I was exhausted, but digging deep and finding it in me to support her was an act of kindness. 


Thoughts on Day 12: When I say I was tired, I mean I was ready to pass out. Making time to support my friend was something I knew I had to do. It turns out, I was the one who needed support Monday night. Whether she knew it or not, she took my attempt at kindness, turned it on it’s head, and showed that kindness to me instead. All this to say that as I’m making being kind a habit, I have been able to better see how I am receiving kindness from those around me. 


Day 13: I was able to meet a friend from high school for coffee and I offered to load her bike in the car and drive her home so she didn’t have to bike the 4 miles back. I also reached out to another friend who was experiencing some difficult family stuff. 


Day 14: My kindness for Day 14 was different. I started training for a new volunteering position with an organization in East Lansing called The Listening Ear. It is the oldest crisis hotline in the nation and while I was supposed to begin my training to take calls last spring, it got pushed to the fall and is being done virtually instead of in person. While it wasn’t particularly random, I spent my evening training so I can continue to volunteer and spread kindness.


Day 15: I took my sister to get a slushie and when she spilled and made a mess, I cleaned and treated the spots in both the car and her clothes so she could work on her school work. 


Day 16: I offered to have a friend of mine come over after a long training session that I had. While I was exhausted and really just wanted to go to bed early, this friend had had a rough week and was looking for some distraction so I invited her over to chill and then offered for her to bring her sister as well so they could both get out for a while. I made snacks and hot chocolate for them both.


Thoughts on Day 16: I found that this kindness worked in two ways. I could see the joy raise on the face of my friend when we talked about anything and everything that didn’t need to be serious. I was also having a really long day and hosting was the last thing I wanted to do but I knew I would put myself aside to be there for someone else who needed me, and I did. But I also was able to relax and really enjoy her company. I’ve said this before, but sometimes, being kind not only helps someone else, but it can help yourself feel better as well. I saw this to be true on Day 16. 


Day 17: After another full day of training, I looked after the dogs and went out of my way to feed them and complete all other misc “dog care” so my parents could both go to my sister’s soccer game and not have to worry about chores when they got home. 


Day 18: Last night I stayed up longer than I planned to talk to my mom. 


Thoughts on Day 18: We didn’t talk about anything in particular, but we have both been so busy lately that even though we live in the same house, we haven’t really been able to spend any time together. So, I took time when I really didn’t have any to try to make up for that. 


To wrap up week three, I have been finding my life insanely busy and finding time for kindness, and maybe even more realistically, finding the energy for kindness has been becoming increasingly difficult. With classes ramping up and an intense training schedule, my time already seems to not be my own, but I’m working on it. Sometimes we are busy but it is important to remember that even on our busiest and hardest days there is always space to make room for kindness because even the smallest gestures can make a world of a difference.   

Erika is a pre-med honors student in the Lyman Briggs college at MSU. With 3 majors there isn't a lot of time for much else but she loves writing whenever she can, going on spontaneous adventures, and thinks there is nothing better than late-night (early morning) conversations with your closest friends.
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