As many of you may know, I previously wrote an article about the kindness challenge I partake in every October. 

If this is gibberish or you are interested in learning more, check out my previous article here or the story of the amazing woman who started here. This challenge is called #AdamsActs and a huge part of it is posting your daily acts of kindness to inspire others and be a small part of making scrolling through social media a more positive experience (which, let’s be honest, regardless of your political opinions, social media hasn’t exactly been a real positive place lately). 

This year, I will be writing weekly about the ways I have been participating as well as what I am learning and discovering about kindness, the world around me and myself. Whether you are participating, supporting me or are simply in need of seeing something a little happier, I invite you to follow along my #AdamsActs journey. 

Day 1

I helped clear up some microbiology concepts for a girl in my class, and I have spent a lot of time today and in the past week spreading the word of #AdamsActs in hopes to inspire those around me to participate as well. 

Thoughts on Day 1: While learning from home is difficult for everyone, being able to find a way to help her virtually took a bit more time and effort than it might have in person. Being able to find a way to do so made me feel so helpful. Working to spread the word of #AdamsActs gave me lots of opportunities to reflect on what it has meant to me and has made me even more excited for the month ahead. 

Day 2

For my #AdamsActs today I went out on my lunch hour between classes to pick up lunch for my sister. I also picked up our dogs from the groomer so my mom could have lunch with a friend of hers from out of town.

Day 3 

Even though I woke up really tired from being up too late working on school work the night before, I volunteered to take my sister out to Target to get some new face masks that she wanted (because COVID had to make its appearance into #AdamsActs in 2020) and while I was out, I picked up an order for my mom and got my dad dinner on my way home. 

Thoughts on Day 3: While none of these felt like real big acts, I had to recognize that they were acts of kindness I would never have been able to complete without learning remotely this semester. It allowed me to see that even as difficult and isolating as virtual learning can be, there is good that can come of it, even when it is difficult to see in the short term.

Day 4 

I helped facilitate a difficult conversation between some friends. Without any additional context, simply because it's not for me to share, this forced me to step into a position that pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to help them. That is how I view my act of kindness for Day 4 — putting myself aside and, to some extent, uncomfortably so, because it was what somebody else needed someone to do. Being the person to do so was my act of kindness. 

Day 5

Continuing with Day 4, I am also going to count this for my Day 5 act because it extended *well* into the *early* morning today and so sacrificing sleep to support people I care for was my Day 5 act of kindness. 

Thoughts on Day 5: What I was able to see is that the things we call "kindness"  to successfully complete #AdamsActs in October are things that should apply any day of any month. It has made me grateful to recognize that, and this challenge is already showing me how I can make kindness a habit all the time. It also showed me once again that kindness is a selfless act.

So the month has only just begun but I can see what good is coming from #AdamsActs. Let’s see what other good can be done this month. Afterall no matter the situation, kindness isn’t going to hurt.