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A Guide to the Best Places To Study at on Michigan State University’s Campus

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

As finals season approaches, I’ve been trying to find more time to study on campus. As a science major, my major is less in-person class time and more individual studying. Finding different places to study helps motivate you to get your work done!

The STEM Teaching and Learning Building

As mentioned before, I am a science major so I love to study at the STEM building, especially if I’m hoping to use whiteboards. I typically head to the third floor, where there are large windows and you have a nice view of Spartan Stadium. The tables are separated by tons of whiteboards. When I am working on studying for a microbiology or neuroscience type of class, “word mapping” on whiteboards is a helpful way to better understand and visualize the course material – whether that be to remember vocabulary, steps of a biological process, or to draw visual diagrams. Writing things out helps you better understand and remember material and it’s lowkey fun to draw on whiteboards.

The Main Library

Kind of a given to mention this, but the main library is a great place to go to especially if you’re preparing for or taking an exam online. My personal favorite place is the west wing of the first floor: It’s newly renovated and has big windows, so it’s really comfortable.

The Minskoff Pavilion at the Broad Business College Complex

It is kind of funny that I like to go to the business college on campus, seeing as I am not a business student whatsoever. I have Organic Chemistry 2 at the chemistry building on campus, and afterwards I like to go to the Minskoff Pavilion as it’s a much nicer building and it’s a quick walk away. I never seem to get a ton of work done here, since I just got out of an 80 minute lecture before, but occasionally I work on homework and usually get Panera when I am there. It’s a really pretty building!

The Law Library

If you’re feeling like mixing up where you typically might think of studying, I recommend checking out the Law Library. It’s very quiet and it being for graduate students makes me feel a little more motivated to stay on task – I know it sounds weird, but trust me!

It’s completely normal to not always feel motivated to do your work. Finding ways to motivate yourself and give yourself breaks is key to not feeling burned out. Finding time for things other than school – from hanging out with friends, working out, or cooking – is what I like to do to give myself time away from studying. If all else fails, heading to a Starbucks might be a nice pick-me-up to motivate you to get work done. You got this!

Elizabeth is a junior at MSU studying Neuroscience. In the future, Elizabeth hopes to pursue a career in medicine and research. Outside of being a writer for Her Campus MSU, she enjoys spending time with friends, cooking, spending time outside, working out, swimming, and traveling. She loves writing and hopes to gain more experience through Her Campus!