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I’ve done a lot of traveling ever since I’ve been a little kid. Having family overseas and having lived in multiple different continents made traveling large distances almost a necessity. After doing both domestic and international trips with my family, I’ve also been fortunate to travel with friends. Thus, through the years and, especially this winter, I’ve come up with a perfect traveling guide for you during the cold or to cold places!

  1. Plan and Pack Efficiently

Most flights have strict luggage weight requirements, and for over-packers, it can be hard to meet the limit. I found the smartest way to pack is to specifically plan out and pack an outfit for each day. In case of outfit changes within the day, try to bring an extra top that can be worn with the same pants. Most pants can be either dressed up or down! At maximum, bring one extra outfit, but try to see how you can mix and match/reuse pants with different tops or vice versa for outfit changes throughout the day. However, I recommend you pack a couple of extra undergarments always (you never know girls!)

  1. Plan out your Days

If there is one thing you should take away from this article, it is this! This by far was the most beneficial thing we’ve done when traveling. Prior to the trip, we came up with a budget, a list of activities we wanted to do each day, prospective places to eat with options (breakfast, lunch, and dinner – highly recommend trying food trucks), as well as a tentative schedule with times for each day. While you don’t have to follow your schedule strictly, it will definitely make your trip smoother and will waste less time picking places to eat or go so you have more time for fun! This also gives you the upper hand to be able to go to places you will really enjoy and want to experience so you can reserve your spot. Remember, for each day always give your schedule leeway to be flexible and give yourself a slot in the middle of the day where you can go home and relax before resuming! Try to only plan out 2-3 major activities per day so you can have time to actually enjoy the activity and not rush to check off a list. You cannot do every tourist activity there is to offer! Pick a couple that you know you will enjoy and get some ideas through social media and online.

  1. Hand, Body, and Foot Warmers

This was a super smart decision we made when traveling to a cold place. Hand warmers can last you the whole day, and trust me, you will thank me later! For people who like to have their phones out to take pictures and record, this is a must.

  1. Use Public Transportation

If you’re looking to stay within a budget and save during your trip, use public transportation. Most tourist places have some sort of public transport such as the MetroCard where you can get unlimited rides that allow you to use the subway and buses. Research beforehand how the system works through basic online searches. Usually, google maps is your best friend for this. It will show you the exact times and stops to get on and off when you click the bus option.

  1. Hand sanitizer and Chapstick

With the pandemic still being prevalent and new variants emerging, hand sanitizer is essential. Carry it around with you everywhere you go and be consistent in using it after every event or activity. With cold weather, chapstick is a must. It is a very forgotten thing but is essential especially when it’s cold and your lips get dry.

  1. Boots!

I have never been into boots, however, buying dressable boots was one of my best purchases. I recommend getting Chelsea Boots. This will not only keep you warm (can layer thick socks and foot warmers) but will protect you from rain and snow while also adding a stylish touch to your wardrobe.

  1. Gloves, Scarfs, Earmuffs, Thick Socks, and a Beanie  

These are the basics and are super helpful when traveling. My personal favorite is a beanie! My ears always get super cold and this protects you from freezing while making a cute outfit. 

  1. A Gallon of Water

Water will be more important than you think during your trip. Keep a gallon of water or water bottles where you’re staying and if you are able to, carry them with you to your activities. You will crave water more than you think and staying hydrated is a must for remaining active and healthy throughout your trip!

  1. Dry Shampoo and a Mini Hairbrush

I hate to wash my hair every day and dry shampoo will revive your hair and make it volumized and fresh-looking every day of your trip. This does not replace washing your hair, however, is super helpful to bring with you along with a mini hairbrush that can fit in your purse to touch up when you’re out!
As we get into the holiday season, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe and happy travels!

Hi! I'm Bhavya :) I'm currently a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in Genomics & Molecular Genetics.
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