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 A glimpse of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe downloadable content

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

For long time Nintendo fans, the release of downloadable content for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the perfect pick me up during the long battle with the coronavirus. Although our battle is ongoing with the virus, Nintendo is still pushing out new cups as we continue to go back to normal. With the first wave being released in March of 2022, there are now a total of 4 waves of courses released. The most recent release adds the Fruit and the Boomerang Cups to the already released Golden Dash, Lucky Cat, Turnip, Propeller, Rock, and Moon Cups. We are not only seeing new courses, but there are also updated versions of classics for different consoles. Here are some of my personal favorites!

  1. Coconut Mall

Golden Dash Cup – Wii

I have loved this track since I was a kid! I was ecstatic to see the update included this with only a few minor changes from the Wii version. Unfortunately, Mii characters no longer surround the outside of the track to spectate the racers but this does not take away from the course. There are still crazy drivers in the parking lot, much like in real life. Be careful or the escalators may change direction as you cruise through the shopping center!

  1. Sky Garden

Lucky Cat Cup – Game Boy Advance

Although I was not old enough to play the version for the Game Boy Advance system, there is a whimsical nature to this track. It takes place around a beanstalk in the clouds, but instead of giants, Koopa Paratroopas adorn the skyline. Racers are even able to use giant leaves as small shortcuts to edge out the competition in the race to the finish line. 

  1. Merry Mountain 

Moon Cup – New Track!

Winter wonderlands are not new to Mario Kart. One example is DK Summit which was also added with wave 4 of the downloadable content or even the new Animal Crossing themed track that was released with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Merry Mountain is unique in comparison to these and adds the magic of a Christmas Train driving and flying around the North Pole! After the train begins to fly you are able to drive on the tracks to try and pass your competition. There are candy canes and festive lights decorating the exterior of the course to bring that holiday spirit to life. 

  1. Yoshi’s Island:

Fruit Cup – New Track!

Yoshi’s Island is a track based on the Nintendo game fans have come to know and love. This is not the only track they have designed after fan favorite games. The previously mentioned Animal Crossing track allows players get to drive through a town and see Tom Nook by the finish line! In this track, you collect bells instead of coins to stay true to the game’s currency. Another track is based on The Legend of Zelda games where you collect rupees as opposed to coins. One unique thing about this track is that it was recently released whereas the other two came out with the base game originally. Yoshi’s Island has players soaring through different aspects of this game collecting coins with little Yoshi faces on them!  

  1. Mushroom Gorge: 

Propeller Cup – Wii

This track is another staple of the Wii version of Mario Kart known for its’ trampoline-like mushrooms. Nintendo has changed nothing about the actual course but has brought it up to date with better graphics as they have with many other classics. It will still have you shaking the remote to get the most speed from your plethora of jumps!

  1. Ninja Hideaway: 

Lucky Cat Cup – New Track!

I am astounded by the level of dedication that went into making this course possible for players. Gold and bright reds cover the outside of the hideaway with a simplified wood interior complete with rafters. Not only are the details of the track itself breathtaking, but there are also multiple ways to complete going around the course. These depend on the timing, build of each individual cart, and the way you pass over the accelerator to begin flight!

  1. Sky-High Sundae:

Propeller Cup – New Track!

Have you wanted to play in the Ice Cream showers from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs? Well, now you can drive through them! Not only is this course made to have a hover car component, but it is made to explore all things ice cream. Driving through cones or on buckets of ice cream, and even through the finish line in the neon pink ice cream truck! My favorite parts of this track are the chocolate wafer roads and the mint chocolate chip ice cream areas of the track. 

  1. Kalimari Desert: 

Turnip Cup – Nintendo 64

Kalimari Desert also, like Merry Mountain, features a train that runs through the course. The train runs through the desert that looks right out of an old western movie. This train is modeled after an old steam engine with the Mario emblem on the front. This train is actively running through the course and can even become an obstacle to racers. This only adds to the fun of playing with friends as you try to outrun each other as well as the train.

  1. Singapore Speedway: 

Boomerang Cup – Tour

Singapore Speedway is not the only course from Mario Kart Tour to debut in the downloadable content, but it’s certainly my favorite release from this game so far. It features both a classic cannon to launch players to multiple different track occasions throughout the race and tracks that accelerate in opposite directions similar to Toad Factory from the Wii. It is visually stunning with racers passing through a rooftop pool, neon hoops, and the downtown area. 

  1. Boo Lake

Rock Cup – Game Boy Advance

This track is unlike the others on this list as the majority of it is spent underwater with the fish. When not submerged in the murky depths there are several nice aspects to the track. Lanterns line the track to give the haunted vibes associated with Boo as a character. With an eerie mansion in the distance and several Boos protect the sky as racers compete.

There are still sixteen races, or four new cups, set to be released before the end of 2023. Eight races are set to be released in the next drop before the final tracks are dropped in November or December. Although, we do not know what races are in store, we do know the titles of the cups that will be housing the races: Feather cup, Cherry Cup, Acorn Cup, and Spiny Cup. We are also seeing the return of several characters that have been part of these games in the past. The first character was released with the Yoshi’s Island track and now Birdo is ready to race once again!  For fans of the game, it is definitely worth the $25 purchase from your local Target, GameStop, or even just off the Nintendo eshop accessible on each Nintendo Switch!

*Disclaimer: Her Campus has no ties to Nintendo or its Products*

Phebe Jones is the Treasurer for Her Campus at MSU. Jones is a senior studying biochemistry as well as molecular genetics. Jones has published many times by local libraries for summer writing contests. She doesn't write often in her majors and wants to keep in enjoying one of her favorite activities. In her free time, Jones enjoys: reading, videogames, horror movies, listening to music, and cartoons.