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7 Fun Activities to do during Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be either a day filled with joy with a significant other, or a day that is filled with loneliness when single. However, there are many other ways to celebrate this day to celebrate yourself. Here I listed 7 fun activities you can do with yourself, your friends, or even your significant other to make the most of the day and fill it with joy.   

Bake a Valentine’s Day cake

One activity that can really boost your spirits is baking a cake! It’s really simple too as you have the choice of using a boxed recipe or finding one online. From there you follow the directions and put it into a heart-shaped pan and once it’s done and cooled down, it is time for the fun part: decorating it in Valentine’s day theme. 

Watch Rom-Coms

Something that is always fun to watch is a classic Rom-Com and during a time like this, you can sit back and relax while eating some delicious food and watch some good old classics. 

Decorate a room

Go all out in balloons and other decorations and make a fun room to take Valentine’s day themed pictures in. They will turn out cute and unique. You can do this with anyone and will get to take pictures like you want to.

Dance Party

You don’t need anyone to throw your own dance party! I mean you can if you want, but you can go all out and throw a personal dance party and blast the music loud and have fun. Throwing personal dance parties can always be fun any time of the year too.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Another fun kitchen activity is making chocolate covered strawberries. It can be messy, but really fun and delicious. All you need is strawberries, chocolate, and any other topping you deem necessary to make them tasty! They are easy to make and in the end, fun to eat after a fun Valentine’s day dinner.

Go Out to Eat

During Valentine’s day, a lot of restaurants make Valentine’s day specials and make heart-shaped food. Go reward yourself with some cute food that some local restaurants sell. They only come once a year and are delicious. You can also find good recipes at home and cook them in a heart shape, such as Pizza.

Do A Painting

Something fun and relaxing might just be painting a simple portrait or following a video on youtube. You can grab a drink and get started. It would be a fun and relaxing evening doing this and overall, the results of the painting will be meaningful in some way!

I hope you liked the activities and fun ideas to do during this upcoming Valentine’s day and may do one or two of these. Even though this is a pandemic and not much to do outside, a lot of these are meant for indoors so I hope this helps.  

Hi I am Ipsa and I am a freshman at Michigan State University. I love traveling and being creative. Art is one of my passions! I also recently got into bullet journaling this year and hopefully will try to keep up with it.
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