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5 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

I’m fairly new to relationships and have never had a long-distance one before, so I wasn’t sure how to make things work with a guy who goes to U of M. So here are some things my partner and I do to stay close and connected. 

  1. Text them to let you know that you’re thinking of them.

Out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind! Send them a good morning or good night text to show them that you still care. Finding cool things to take pictures of also helps them relate to you and feel like they are a big part of your life.

  1. Call them!

If I have learned anything from this past month, it’s that nothing is better than hearing their voice and their laugh. Figure out a time to call every week or month, whatever works for the two of you.

  1. Do something fun together.

Even if you aren’t together, you can still find ways to have shared experiences. Suggest things like both of you watching the same movie and talking about it later, or have both of you go to a new restaurant and rate your meals. While this may sound kind of silly, it’s a great way to have new experiences together while you’re apart.

  1. Send them a gift.

Fortunately, sites like Amazon make it really easy to send cute surprises. Try sending a cute stuffed animal, a book, or some other knickknack that you think they’d enjoy.

  1. Visit them.

It will be up to you both to figure out how often you need to see each other in person, and this will definitely depend on how far apart you live. But there is nothing better than getting to see your partner after a few months apart.

Time will tell if it’s going to work out or not, but communication and caring are key to keeping the relationship healthy. Also, remember that every person is different, so not all of these may apply to your situation, but hopefully, you will find them helpful!

Rachel is the Social Media Director at Her Campus MSU. She is a Senior at MSU's James Madison College studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with a double minor in Business, and Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy. After graduation, she hopes to become a public interest lawyer or work in the government sector. She is an avid camper and enjoys spending her time in the great outdoors hiking and biking. She loves ice skating and has recently been trying to learn some new moves! Rachel also enjoys reading, cooking, crocheting, and trying as many bubble tea places as she can find.