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5 Reasons to Get a Cat While You’re Still in College

Having a pet may be time consuming— but it’s also incredibly rewarding. While all pets require a lot of love and attention, some are a little easier to take care of than others. Cats are independent but can be just as fun to have as a dog. If you’re debating adopting a cat, here’s five reasons to convince you.

You Have Someone to Cuddle with After a Long Day of Classes

It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not— these soft little balls of fur make the best cuddle buddies and stress relievers. Spending time with a cat is scientifically proven to increase your production of serotonin, instantly boosting your mood. If science thinks getting a cat is a good idea, then it’s a good idea…

Having a Pet at Home Will Motivate You to Take Time for Yourself

Having a cat doesn’t mean you’re antisocial, but it might be the perfect excuse to get out of going to that party you didn’t want to go to. When you have a pet at home, you’ll find reasons to take a break from your busy lifestyle to find time for yourself and your new furry friend. It’s not healthy to constantly be on the go, and sometimes the best remedy is curling up with your kitty to watch a movie. 

Cats Will Make You Responsible

Cats do more than gloriously bask in the sunlight. They eat, poop (and make a mess of the litter while doing so), bring gifts of dead birds, and scratch up the furniture. It can be easy to forget to feed or clean up after ourselves sometimes, but it’s virtually impossible to forget about a cat. They’ll meow at you until they’re fed and your whole house will stink if you forget to empty the litter box. These tasks are not daunting, but can get you in the habit of managing your tasks.

Cats Are Quieter and Require Less Attention Than Dogs

This does not mean you can adopt a cat and neglect it. Cats still need to be exercised, fed, and loved just like dogs! The only difference is that cats don’t need to be taken on walks and are more self-sufficient when it comes to bathroom use. If you’re spending long days in class or nights at the library, you can leave your cat at home with food, water, and fresh litter and not have to worry. Not to mention, they won’t disrupt your study sesh with barking.

You Get to Save a Life

According to the ASPCA, about 3.2 million cats enter shelters annually in the United States. Although some shelters have adopted a no-kill policy, millions of animals are euthanized each year. Some cats may spend their entire life in a cage— why not be the one to set them free?

Animal Shelters in the Lansing Area: 

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